Why eKSeption

Why eKSeption

ekseption belongs to a group dedicated to professional skin care and aesthetic medicine, established in 2002 we are now one of the safest skin peeling brands in more than 60 countries.

Research has shown that aggressive skin peeling (combined with the Australian sun) causes post traumatic pigmentation however progressive safe skin peeling provides long lasting comprehensive results that address key concerns such as wrinkles, laxity, and unwanted discoloration.

First Step

Our advanced homecare starts the peeling & rejuvenation process & prepares the skin for in clinic peels. It also reduces the activity of the melanocyte (which creates dark spots on the skin). Once you start your in clinic peels it complements and protects these results by helping to prevent the appearance of future damage, protect healthy skin, and further correct visible signs of ageing. By combining a customised at-home regimen with powerful in-clinic treatments such as chemical peels & mesotherapy therapy the result is healthier, more youthful looking skin.

Second Step

Professional skin peels

Organic acid based peels are very effective treatments to reduce wrinkles, pigmentation and enlighten the skin tone. They improve the skin texture after just one session providing the skin with a glowing complexion. They can be used as single treatment or repeated.

Third Step

Once you have resurfaced the skin with in-clinic peels we then continue to build the dermis (lower level “foundation” of the skin) with our advanced meso solutions. These are state of the art formulations that are combined with skin needling for the next level of skin rejuvenation

the science behind ks

a chemical peel entails the application of exfoliating chemicals to the skin, resulting in a stimulation of the epidermal and dermal structures. Regenerative mechanisms then set in place improve the structure and appearance of the skin. ekseption is a breakthrough concept in the aesthetic field:

consecutive & safe superficial peels for deep skin rejuvenation

based on polyhydroxy acids – lactobionic & gluconolactate are less irritating and more effective than AHA’s

the first active peels combining acids, hyaluronic acid & peptides to provide a more controlled peel with an intense hydrating effect

maximum safety and results all year long combined with our skin care – very low sun sensitivity compared to other peels

our business approach

Discover the benefits of stocking ekseption in your salon, spa or clinic:

trusted – ekseption was created in 2002 and has more than 15 years’ experience in the field of skin care and aesthetic medicine.

expertise – we understand the challenges beauty therapists, managers and owners face & are passionate about your beauty business growth

rest assured – It’s easy to introduce ekseption professional treatments & resurfacing home care into your business

reap the rewards – ekseption home care range and peels are ideal for businesses wanting to increase revenue

confidence – all products undergo thorough effectiveness testing to ensure they deliver exceptional results, every time

Our values

At the core of ekseption is a set of values that guide us every day:

be honest – Show respect and act with integrity

love our customers – Go above and beyond to deliver what they need to achieve better results

stay positive and passionate – Love what we do and do our very best

work as a team – Embrace an environment of support and shared goals

Excel as experts in our field – Listen to our customer’s needs and provide real solutions

Free from nasties

Our state of the art formulas do not contain preservatives, ammonium hydroxide, tromethamine or other harmful buffers. The pH is stabilized with sodium lactate, a component of the natural moisturising factor with keratolytic functions.